January 07, 2009

JBoss Application Server 5.0.0 GA now released to the community

When does it make sense to use one or the other?

Those who are developing applications and services that are planned to go into production or require support should leverage JBoss Enterprise Middleware. 

Production and Developer subscriptions are available that include full support, patches and updates. 

There are also unsupported software-only Developer subscriptions that include patches and updates to ensure that you develop and deploy on the exact same code base. 

Free evaluation copies of JBoss Enterprise Middleware platforms are available from www.redhat.com/apps/download/.

Projects on JBoss.org are supported only by the community, with no SLA and have changes or features 
that may not ultimately make it into the JBoss Enterprise releases. 
As such, those who are interested in using and/or contributing to bleeding edge technology, do not require support and are willing to integrate and maintain multiple projects themselves should leverage JBoss.org projects.

Learn more about JBoss.org projects and the JBoss.org community. 
Find out more about the JBoss Enterprise support offerings at jboss.com.