January 12, 2009

Java Mobile, Media & Embedded Developer Days Conference

About The Conference

Are you a mobile or embedded content developer, a platform specialist, or a service provider interested in connecting with other developers to share ideas, best practices, and technical know-how? Need help or information on how to leverage the Java platform to create the next must-have application for consumers, an enterprise mobility concept, a smart and cost-effective embedded solution, or compelling content and entertainment services that deliver the promise of the everywhere Internet experience? Want to meet and interact with the foremost experts on using Java mobile and embedded technologies?

This conference is devoted solely to the technologies of mobile, media, and embedded Java platforms and is a unique opportunity for content developers of intermediate and advanced skill levels, platform developers, and technical experts at product companies, device manufacturers, and service providers to get introduced to open source Java ME, the community, and to join in and collaborate. Attendees will enjoy a broad range of technical sessions, lightning talks, poster sessions, panels, hands-on labs, and participatory sessions. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet your peers and the experts from Sun and the industry, to network, and to discover how to apply these technologies to your own projects.

You'll learn about mobile platforms and mobile application development, entertainment- and media-related technologies and content creation for set-top boxes and Blu-ray players, as well as embedded topics such as real-time, sensoring, control, robotics, and small systems built around Java, Java ME, and open source aspects of Java.

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